Southeast Asia Research-based Network on Climate Change Adaptation Science (SARNCCAR)

International Seminar

Theme of the seminar

Sharing interlocal adaptation lessons: Climate Change Adaptations and Development in East and Southeast Asia

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Director's greeting

This portal site presents the international seminar which will be held on 17th November 2020 online, focused on "Sharing Interlocal Adaptation Lessons: Climate change adaptations and development in East and Southeast Asia". The impact of climate variability varies from region to region, and it is very significant to introduce adaptation measures in each region, exchange information, and obtain new knowledge, which will lead to the next action for our common future. Please join us!

The objectives of the workshop are as follows;

  • Build up a network among Southeast Asia Research Centers for information sharing, publishing research results, and policy briefs
  • Promote inter-locality lesson learnt sharing about climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and natural resource management among universities and institutions
  • Development a new adaptation research approach that considers the regional nature of Southeast Asia,
  • Presenting for sharing practical adaptation options permeated by society in each country/region,
  • Fostering young researchers and building a research base network among members

Presenters are from East and Southeast Asian countries, not only Japan and Vietnam but also the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and China, representing an interdisciplinary and diverse group of researchers.

We are preparing the rich keynote speakers which are representatives of each country's researcher of climate change. Participants can be discussion and share their lessons of interlocal adaptation in East and Southeast Asia.

The application of participation can be done from the following. We are all welcome to your attendance.

Prof. Dr. ITO Tetsuji
Ibaraki University, Japan

Date and place of the seminar

- Date: 17 November 2020
- Time: 9:30-19:00 (Japan time)
8:30-18:00 (Philippine time)
7:30-17:00  (Vietnam, Indonesia)
- Venue: Ibaraki University and Vietnam Institute of Economics
- Organizer: Global and Local Environment Co-creation Institute (GLEC), Ibaraki University
- Co-organizer: Vietnam Japan University, Masters’ program in Climate Change and Development (VJU, MCCD), Vietnam Institute of Economics, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VIE, VASS)




International seminar program: Morning session (Symposium)

◇9:30-10:00(Japan) Registration

◇10:00-10:15(Japan) Welcome session

- Opening declaration: Prof.Ito Tetsuji(GLEC)
- Welcome speech: Prof. Nguyen Chien Thang(VIE)
-  Introduction of GLEC, Ibaraki University: Prof Hasui (GLEC)

◇10:15-12:00(Japan) Keynote speech

Keynote speech from Philippine: Prof Pulhin & Dr Garcia (Philippine)
-  Keynote speech from Indonesia: Prof Bengen (Indonesia)
-  Keynote speech from Vietnam: Prof Nguyen– (Vietnam)

◇12:00-13:40(Japan) Lunch break

International seminar program: Afternoon session (Workshop)

◇13:40-14:00(Japan) Special Event: Broadcast the fieldwork live at Vietnam

◇14:00-16:10(Japan) Working programs of the three groups

- ROOM1(Ibaraki University)  Sharing interlocal adaptation lessons
- ROOM2(VIE) Climate Finance
- ROOM3(Ibaraki University and VIE) Asian young researchers network
*ZOOM link below

◇17:30-18:10(Japan) Overall discussion & Wrap up, closing remarks

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Secretariat Division

Office of GLEC, Ibaraki University
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