今回はフィリピンのイサベラ州立大学よりOrlando F. Balderama 教授をお招きし、


場所:茨城大学水戸キャンパス  環境リサーチラボラトリー棟1F ICAS講義室

Guest Speaker::Dr. Orlando F. Balderama
Professor and Director, Water Resources Management Center, Isabela State University, Philippines

(司会:茨城大学農学部地域環境科学科 増冨祐司 准教授)

Towards climate-smart decision support systems in agriculture: Enabling Farmers Adapt to Climate Variability”

The impact of climate change and variability to agriculture production has taken center stage in world agriculture, food policy and research. Climate model studies are beginning to understand linkages between sea surface warming associated with climate change and increasing frequency of El Nino Southern Oscillation(ENSO) events. The rising frequency of ENSO events will have devastating effects, especially in agriculture where the poorer sectors of society in developing countries depend.
This presentation is about discussion in developing decision support system in agriculture and some application results of such undertaking in providing solution in coping with climate variability. Methods employed were science tools such as crop simulation modelling, integration of automated weather station for real-time weather data inputs and Short Messaging System (SMS) as decision support to government workers and farmers.

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